• This new idea is specifically for your shoes instead of going out and buying a basket use the Peel Shoe Box. Our shoebox has dividers for your shoes and a lid to shut when it rains, so you can just leave your shoes on the dock.  It is light weight so it is easy to put on your yacht when you are ready to sail.

  •  Your shoebox will come with your choice of lettering up to 15 characters on top or inside the lid.  All shoeboxes are custom made out of solid wood with wooden hinges.

  •  There are two standard sizes one is 20" wide 16" deep 17" height & 1 1/2" legs with 6 dividers that will hold up to 6-12 pairs of shoes depending on the kind of footwear.  The second size is 40" wide 16" deep 17" height & 1 1/2" legs with 12 dividers that will hold up to 12 or more pairs of shoes.

  •  We will also custom build your own shoebox to your liking, plus we can put your logo on any shoebox.

The Peel Shoe Box - Boating Accessory
Store your Boating Shoes in the Peel Shoe Box

 The Peel Shoe Box, is a custom made all wooden box, made to organize your shoes and/or sandals for all your boating needs.  This uniquely designed box is sure to catch your visitor's eyes, and is durable enough to be placed in the elements.  So be sure to get your Peel Shoe Box, and get organized in style!

Customize Your Peel Shoe Box

 This uniquely designed shoe box is perfect for your motor yacht, sail boat, dock, and more.  Instead of tossing your sandals or shoes into a basket, organize them with the Peel Shoe Box.  Boxes can be customized to your dimensions and you can add your own custom logo.  Get your custom made Peel Shoe Box today! 


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Shipping for the two standard size shoeboxes allow 4 to 6 weeks to build and ship within the U.S. for shipping out of the US please call. Shipping Policy



For more information please call John or Alison Peel 305-393-4167  www.peelshoebox.biz


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Teak Wood
Widely renowned for its durability and resistance to rotting, teak is almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost, and snow. Its high level of resinous oil acts as a natural insect repellent, giving it a very high resistance to termites.


Cherry Wood
The wood varies from a yellowish pink when first cut to a deep rich reddish brown, often getting darker and more rich as it ages. Its smooth texture and working properties make it a favorite wood among furniture makers.


Walnut Wood
Walnut is a prized species for veneer panels, doors, furniture and cabinetry, with a warm, rich, high-quality appearance, and a wide variety of grain patterns and figuring. Walnut also has superior physical properties, making it the preferred wood for airplane propellers and gun stocks.

Purple Heart

Exotic Woods
Very dense, medium weight, very hard. Purple heart is more of a brownish color when it is first harvested. The purple hue develops with exposure to air. After turning much of this color is lost again, but I often treat it with a special, all natural process to bring back the rich purple this wood is famous for. No dyes or stains are used in this process.